The Immortal Lee Soon-shin

Country: South Korea

Author(s): Updating

Genres: Historical

Artist(s): Updating

Date aired: 2004

Status: TV Series

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1) Fixed ideas about a national hero are brought up for a secrutiny. No hero has ever been sent by heaven. He has emerged as one ultimately after undergoing a lifelong process. Drama "Yi Sun-shin" is designed to challenge the fixed ideas about him who has been remembered in the form of an imposing statue standing at the Gwanghwamun intersection in Seoul and the Hyeonchungsa Shrine in South Chungcheong Province, while shedding a new light upon him as a human being. 2) Drama "Yi Sun-shin" depicts Yi Sun-shin as a soldier who struggled to survive turbulent days. At the time when Yi Sun-shin lived, the Joseon Dynasty had to achieve political reforms and stabilize the livelihood of the people, while defending the country against the Yojin (Nu Zhen) Tribe and Japanese pirate raiders. Yi Sun-shin was regarded sometimes with jealousy in the process of protecting grass-roots people and sticking to the principles of reforms and lost some battles. He was removed from his duties three times and reinstated to the military service two times as a rank-and-filer. But for all this disgrace, Yi Sun-shin was reborn as a true hero who led the Joseon Navy to a myth of invincibility during the Hideyoshi Invasion (1592-1598 A.D.). Yi Sun-shin, as a soldier who struggled to protect grass-roots people, is what Drama "Yi Sun-shin" has planned to depict. 3) Drama "Yi Sun-shin" is a Korean version of "War and Peace" in the 21st century Drama "Yi Sun-shin" is not a biography of Admiral Yi Sun-shin, nor does it intend to reconstruct a part of the Joseon Dynasty that existed in the 16th century. It will merely look into many human beings, including Yi Sun-shin, who underwent an extreme situation called the Hideyoshi Invasion, in efforts to study all kinds of human nature, from the most noble down to the most crude... While dramatizing a war in which human beings turn into inhuman wretches in an extreme way, we hope that this drama will serve paradoxically as an opportunity to remind people of theWatch drama online for free.

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