Tan Pan Yuan Jia

Country: China

Author(s): Updating

Genres: Drama, Romance

Artist(s): Updating

Date aired: 2014

Status: TV Series

Views: 4187


Off honey is the home of the real estate company's public relations manager, success and happiness. In ten wedding anniversary that day, her husband Wan Jie suddenly disappeared, leaving her a huge amount of arrears. Off honey lives changed dramatically. Honey encounter came off the beleaguered debt collection designer Luo Zheng, together with the process of finding wanjie, they produced a subtle emotions. Luo Zheng for solving the debt off honey and honey into the Company and where, they received a mandate issued by the company, residential relocation off honey mother Yuzhen Jiang is located. Yuzhen Jiang Off honey because usually neglect the family, right off the honey veiled criticism. Faced tit mother, honey shut out professional negotiation skills, and Yuzhen Jiang you come to me a few rounds, also in the process of negotiations in-law and son gradually mutual understanding and closeness. In the course of the Yuzhen Jiang and Luo Zheng in contact, off the honey from a life fully understand the career, degenerated into an understanding for others, love mature women of the family. Luo Zheng has grown from contractors for site designers to work independently, and eventually won the off honey, honey daughter off after Yuzhen Jiang and recognition become their family. Watch drama online for free.

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