Colourful Bone

Country: Chinese

Author(s): Updating

Genres: Fantasy, Historical, Romance, Suspense, Wuxia

Artist(s): Ryan Liu (1989), Meng En (1994), Thomas Tong (1993), Wang He Run (1994), Ever Zu (ZERO-G), Yvon Rui (1989), Leo Jiang (1977), Ivan Chen (1993), Jiang Rui Jia

Date aired: 2017

Status: TV Series

Views: 6049

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Changing one's face is full of uncertainties. It is difficult to determine whether such a technique is good or bad and whether it will bring good fortune or ill-will to those that use it.The Kingdom of Chu has always been under the rule of those bearing the last name Chu, but the imperial family falls to ruin as Feng Ru Ge takes control. In the last fifteen years, the Crown Prince has been biding his time to take back what was lost. Feng Ru Ge's goddaughter Jing Shu has mastered the skill of painting skin from a very young age. She used a face in exchange for a life from the hands of Zhao Ru Shi. Who would have thought that the person Jing Shu has gained is Lue Ying, a formidable death soldier that is known throughout Jianghu. His only reason for living is to kill the Crown Prince who is to be Jing Shu's future husband, thus beginning a heart-wrenching story of love and hate.Adapted from the novel Beautiful Bones by writer Meng Yan Dian Xia. Watch drama online for free.

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