The Fearless Duo

Country: Hong Kong

Author(s): Updating

Genres: Drama

Artist(s): Updating

Date aired: 1984

Status: TV Series

Views: 3514


Yan (Barbara Yung) is a very playful gal and she had also learned some magic from her nanny. One day while on the street, she met Mun (Miu Kiu Wai) who was chasing a thief. Here, they got into a misunderstanding and left a bad impression on each other. Yan's father was the chief magistrate in the town and Mun's dad was a rank lower because he held a soldier's rank. Both of these officers were corrupted. One day they heard that an imperial auditor is coming to the town and they were afraid that each would try to betray the other. In order to know whether they would encounter any troubles in the future, both went to the Taoist temple on the mountain to ask the supreme master (Liu Dan) to predict their fortune. The supreme master (SM) is a Taoist but he did not subscribe to the strict practices that a Taoist should be. His favourite drink is wine and he carried a wine flask wherever he went. SM punished the two corrupted officers by asking them to donate all the money they had corrupted to the temple. At first there are reluctance but a little magic by SM finally persuaded them to donate the money willingly. One day, the chief constable (CC) of the imperial court arrived in town and visited Yan's house. Everyone suspects that he was the imperial auditor but he was only chasing a wanted bandit and wanted the magistrate to help in his investigation. Mun's father thought the imperial auditor is living in Yan's house and was worried that he would be disadvantaged as a result. At the suggestion of his wife, they decided to arrange their family to be united by marriage so that they will not be harmed. Yan's father agreed to this arrangement but both Yan and Mun refused after finding out who the other party was! However, they were to be wed to pleased the "Imperial Auditor". The CC was very sad that Yan was getting married as he liked her (Yan had come to like Mun) too and he was making a fool of himself during the wedding which lead to Mun's misunderstanding that they had a Watch drama online for free.

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